Moving House? Every little bit helps

Posted on: Mon Apr 8 by Masons

Moving house

If you’ve enlisted the help of a reliable moving company if you’re moving home, you’re probably feeling a little less stressed knowing your packing, loading, transporting, and unloading is well taken care of. And we don’t blame you. Moving companies are life-savers when it comes to these big life moments. But, you may have overlooked a few small yet essential tasks that only you can do to make the big move as smooth as possible. Here’s a reminder of all the little things you need to do when moving day arrives.  

1. Decluttering gets things started 

There’s nothing worse than moving to a new home with items you no longer need or want. Compounding issues are the fact that you need to pay to pack and transport these. They take up space, use up packing supplies, and waste money. The solution? A few weeks before moving day, plan some serious time decluttering so only your valued items move with you to the new place. Here’s some tips on how to declutter effectively. 

2. Disconnect and unplug 

It’s best to disconnect and unplug electronics and appliances before the house movers pack these away. They don’t want to be held liable for messing with the setup of gaming consoles, computers, etc. 

3.Bring out the measuring tape

You may have forgotten how big furniture items like sofas and beds initially fitted inside the home you’re leaving. It most probably required disassembling to fit through doorways. To be sure, it’s wise to measure the doorways against the size of these items to decide if they need to be disassembled. If so, let the house movers know what needs to be done. And don’t forget to do your measurements in the new home too. 

4. Only you can pack these by law

There are certain items that home removal companies are not allowed to pack and load onto their truck. These include flammable, perishable and dangerous items. It’s a requirement by law and nothing personal! This means it’s up to you to pack and load these onto your personal vehicle. And don’t forget to label these items as ‘do not pack’ so the home movers know to leave these alone. 

5. Strong removal boxes keep your valuables safe 

Expert packing is an optional service that leading house moving companies offer. But if you choose to do this mammoth task on your own, make sure all your belongings are neatly and securely packed away in strong removal boxes, labelled, and sealed with tape before moving day arrives. Although this is an obvious point, it often happens that you may forget to pack away certain items, like clothes still hanging on the line, bedding you’re currently using, and toiletries. Make sure you don’t forget to pack these away before the house movers arrive, or else things might get a little chaotic. 

6. Boxes with labels gets you organised

If you’re doing the packing, label the removal boxes according to their designated room – in this way, the home movers know where to place them. Fragile items need fragile label stickers to be loaded onto the truck with added care. Tip: For removal boxes that need to be unpacked first, like pet supplies and kids’ toys, we recommend instructing the movers to load these last so you can access them immediately when you reach your new home. 

7. A nice gestures goes a long way 

House movers have a strenuous job manoeuvring big items through hallways and, in some cases, managing staircases. Extreme weather conditions undoubtedly make it more difficult. That’s why it’s always a nice gesture, although not a requirement, to make it a little easier for them by providing refreshments. Nothing too fancy – water and cold drinks should do the trick. 

8. Keep kids and pets entertained 

If you have pets, kids or both, they need to be taken care of in a house full of movers. If you can’t get help from friends or family to keep them off-site and out of the way, consider the following. If you’re married or in a relationship, you or your partner can take your kids to a nearby park to burn off some energy during this stressful time. If this is not possible, keep them occupied by allowing them to play some board games or games on an iPad or smartphone in an empty room. Animals should also be kept in an empty room with food and water provided to keep them away from the commotion of the house movers. 

9. It’s cleaning time 

There’s no better time to clean a home than when it’s completely empty. Enlist the help of cleaning services or do it yourself in both your old and new place. Timing is important here, so make sure you clean your new home before moving day, and your old place should be cleaned on moving day after the home removals company has left. 

If you’re moving house soon and still on the search for removal companies in South Wales, rest assured you’ve finally found the most trusted and reliable name in the business. With a legacy that spans over 115 years – Masons Removals can help you relocate anywhere in the world – whether it’s down the road or across oceans! 

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Posted on: 08th Apr 2024