What packing services do you offer?

What packing services do you offer?
Our professional team can pack as much or as little as you would like. We have several packing type services to suit your needs and preferences: 
Full Packing – 
In our full packing option, we will carefully and professionally pack all of your boxable belongings, saving you time, stress and effort! Leaving you with peace-of-mind that our expert team have packed your effects and allowing you to concentrate on other parts of your home move!
Fragile Packing (China & Glass) – 
This option allows us to pack all or part of any fragile effects that you have around the home, such as china, glass or fine art. Our teams are expertly trained packers so you can relax while we look after your most precious items! Allowing you to focus on packing the rest of your personal items before the big move! 
No Packing (Owner Packed/DIY) – 
This option allows you to pack all your boxable effects in advance of the move. If you would like, we can supply you with professional packaging materials that we use ourselves that have been purpose-made for items that you pack.
We are happy to advise you further on how to pack or suggest a bespoke packing option to suit your particular circumstances, just contact our friendly team by filling out our contact form here or giving us a call on 0800 141 3688.

Posted on: 25th May 2022