Masons Moving Group Even Delivers Babies!

Posted on: Thu Nov 29 by Masons

Masons Removals Cardiff even delivers babies!

It’s just gone 10.15pm when Richard Mason (Director of Masons Moving Group) and his wife, Michelle, who are at home in Wye Close, Barry, receive a text from their son, Daniel, of a pool of water; it seems as though Daniel’s partner, Sam, who is heavily pregnant, waters have broken!

By midnight, Sam’s contractions have started but are still in their mild stages. However, by 4.15am, they’ve gotten worse and the Heath Hospital tell her it’s time for her to come in. Richard and Michelle have gotten the call that they’ve eagerly been waiting all night for: it’s time! They leave the house to collect Michelle’s mother, Lynn Jenkins, from FFordd Cwm Ciddy, who has been lined up to stay with Sam’s two younger daughters – Emily, 11 and Chelsea, 3. They arrive by 4.45am at Daniel & Sam’s house in Barry Island, dropping off Lynn and ready to shoot off to the hospital with Daniel and Sam.

However, two steps out of the house, Sam freezes and says: ‘I think the baby is on her way!’, Michelle replies: ‘Oh my goodness, Sam, do you really think she is?’, a contraction is the response! Everyone goes back inside and sits Sam on the sofa whilst Richard calls for an ambulance.

As Sam is so sure that the baby is on the way, Richard remains on the phone to the Ambulance Services who advise Richard to put Sam on the floor, with a lot of towels around her. However, as everyone is rushing around prepping the towels, the baby’s head appears!

Richard is on the phone taking advice from the Ambulance services, Daniel and Lynn are poised and ready to take delivery of the baby whilst Michelle is sat comforting Sam. Very quickly the baby’s shoulders appear, Richard goes from white to grey to white again, whilst relaying the advice from the Ambulance Services. Daniel is speechless and Lynn, who admitted later that she was all knotted up inside, remained calm and at the ready to help deliver the baby.

Baby Bella shot out minutes later and new father, Daniel, caught her just in time! Grandfather Richard Mason, is still on the phone taking advice from the Ambulance Services, who tells Richard to tie a piece of string around the umbilical cord before it is cut. However, he’s unable to find any in the room and instead pulls his shoe lace from his shoe and ties it around the baby’s umbilical cord! Minutes later, the Paramedics arrive and supervise the cutting of the cord by new daddy, Daniel.

You could say that when Masons Get Moving they Move real fast! Baby Bella was born at 5.01am on Tuesday, 27 November 2018. Mother and Baby are both doing well.

This was the second Masons delivery over the last few weeks, Masons Self Storage’s Sales & Marketing Manager, James Mason and his partner, Lucy, welcomed Oliver James Mason to the world on 31 October 2018!

Posted on: 29th Nov 2018