Masons Removals Inside A Family Business: Meet Our Removals Administrator And Surveyor – Peter Mansbridge

Posted on: Mon Mar 14 by Masons

It is no secret that Masons Moving Group is a leading moving company in Cardiff, thanks to a passionate team of experts. That’s why we celebrate the incredible people behind the company through the Inside a Family Business series of blogs. This month we switch our attention to a long-standing team member who has seen phenomenal growth within Masons Removals and always strives for impeccable service. Say hello to Peter Mansbridge.


A colourful career 

Peter is a man of incredible talent who wore many hats before joining the company. His love for food and cooking led him along the career path as an ex-merchant navy chef. The role opened up the opportunity to travel to the picturesque tropical islands of the West Indies and the Caribbean. He eventually left the navy to establish his own restaurant in the heart of Cardiff named Zushi Bar. 



Introducing sushi to Wales

Peter was inspired to open the restaurant after training as a sushi chef in Japan. He fell in love with the cuisine and introduced Zushi Bar to the city around the early 2000s – at this time, sushi was relatively unknown in Wales. Armed with rare knowledge and skills after training under a Japanese chef, Peter had the courageous dream of introducing and popularising sushi in Wales. Call it fate or a freaky coincidence, that in his inner circle, he is nicknamed Paul Hollywood because of his uncanny resemblance to this renowned Merseyside-born chef from the Great British Bake Off!


Peter’s journey to Masons

Masons Removals expert surveyor and removals administrator After years of bringing sushi to Cardiff, Peter sold the Zushi Bar but remained in the restaurant industry. This time around, he focused his creative energy on creating a welcoming yet vibrant aesthetic for restaurants around Cardiff. It was after this role that Peter joined Masons. It was a big career transition, but he welcomed the change and was a perfect fit for the company. He took on his first role as a driver 12 years ago, and since he held a class 1 HGV licence, he was hired immediately and started work the next day. However, at this time, the restaurant industry still held a very close place in his heart, and he shortly returned as an events caterer.

We knew we lost someone with an outstanding work ethic – that’s why we were overjoyed when he returned to Masons three years later. Even though Peter always loved the pressure of the catering business, he was looking for a new challenge in the fast-paced world of home and office removals. He progressed rapidly in the company, and he soon learned the operational and logistics side of things while also being trained to do removal surveys. Astonishingly, Peter did all of this while helping out as a truck driver when needed. Today, he’s part of the Operations Dream Team and works alongside Brett Mason, Richard Mason, Diane Leathem, Lucy and Fern, and helps Gordon Mason on specific projects for the company.


Transporting the British Army

One of Peter’s roles at Masons Moving Group was the crucial job of transporting members of the British Army to and from bases in the UK and Germany. It allowed him to adapt quickly to the removals environment and move up the ladder effortlessly. 


Limitless talent

Masons Removals office removal Now, do you believe us when we say Peter is a man of many talents? We at Masons Moving Group believe his ability to accomplish so much in any role is because he is resourceful, organised, a busy body and fearless! Since joining, he has added so much to the team and loves maintaining high standards. Last year, Peter took on the project of refurbishing the reception area and worked with the Directors on the general upkeep of the site and vehicles. Because he loves to get involved, he is a great team player. The most inspiring part is that Peter embraces any project with open arms, no matter how challenging it may seem at first.


A petrolhead, husband and father

When he isn’t immersing himself in daily operations, this former chef and restaurateur loves DIY projects, his cars, and sometimes merging both! Self-admittedly, he may also be going through a mild midlife crisis since he is thinking about adding a motorbike licence to his extensive and diverse portfolio of licences. 

Beyond his career, this self-proclaimed “petrol head” is a loving husband to his wife Suzanne and father to a 22-year-old son Cieran, 11-year-old daughter Missie and two stepdaughters Rhiannon and Sophie. The couple tied the knot on May 9 last year at the exquisite De Courceys Manor House in Cardiff.

  Today, Peter still enjoys cooking and has a major sweet tooth, confessing to a chocolate addiction. In fact, at the time of this interview, he shared a limited edition white Snicker bar with the Director of our Marketing Agency, ONCREE. We love a chocolate addict who shares delicious finds! 

There’s no stopping Peter Mansbridge! The whole team at Masons Moving Group would like to say a big thank you for being an invaluable part of the family and helping us continue to offer a high quality service to our customers. 

If you’re looking for a removals company in Cardiff for home or office moves around the UK and across the globe, we at Masons Moving Group have a team of experts who will make sure the experience is smooth and stress free. With over 115 years in the industry, our professional movers will help you relocate anywhere around Wales or further afield. 


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Posted on: 14th Mar 2022