Choosing the Best Season to Move House: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on: Mon Oct 23 by Oncree Digital

Best season to move house

Should you be fortunate enough to dictate when you relocate, you find yourself in an enviable and unique situation. The majority of house moves are steered by the duration it takes to complete a property sale, discover your next abode, and ensure all paperwork is sorted and finalised.

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in the predictability of seasons, possibly due to factors like climate change. Seasons are not as consistent as they once were, making planning around them a bit more complex. For instance, winters might be milder or more severe than expected, and summers might bring about unforeseen heat waves or prolonged rainfall.

However, if you’re worried about how the changing and less predictable seasons might influence your move with your professional moving company– whether you have control over the timing or not – we’ve got some valuable insights. Furthermore, we’ll divulge the best season to move house!

Winter’s Chill

If you’re moving during winter, you might think the timing isn’t on your side due to icy, slippery, and uncertain weather conditions. Yet, with correct planning and a reliable removals and storage company by your side, a winter move can run smoothly.

With the housing market typically less active during winter, you can appreciate the benefits of the off-peak period. There’s a greater chance of securing a slot with a reputable moving and storage company. These removal companies often have teams that are experienced and well-prepared for the changing weather conditions, ensuring safety and efficiency. They possess the right materials and equipment to handle moves during colder months, giving you peace of mind. Plus, the colder climate can make the physical process of moving somewhat more manageable.

Spring in Bloom

Budding flowers and brighter weather often make spring a favourite for many considering the best season to move house. With daytime temperatures typically ranging between 12°C – 18°C and nights between 6°C and 13°C, relocating can be both comfortable and visually pleasing as Wales awakens to the vibrant hues of nature’s renewal.

Given its position right before the hectic summer season, relocating during spring means you’ll be comfortably settled before the summer rush ensues. However, be ready for unpredictable spring downpours. Keeping a close eye on the forecast in the week leading up to your move is advisable. Moreover, if you have children, a spring move might disrupt their school year – while moving later in the season might let them finish the school term.

Summertime Heat

Summer, officially spanning from June to September, generally witnesses an influx of properties on the market, subsequently leading to heightened moving activity across the UK. Consequently, removal companies are busiest during this time, so ensure you book well in advance.

Relocating during the summer has its advantages. Work often slows, summer breaks ensure children don’t miss school, and the extended daylight hours afford you more time. However, the elevated temperatures can be draining, particularly when handling heavy items. Regular hydration and breaks are essential.

Autumn’s Cool

Autumn often sees many moving homes, primarily because property transactions from summer conclude around this time. The season offers cooler, more manageable weather for moves and, being post-peak, removal companies often have greater availability. 

However, consider the season’s increased rainfall, particularly in October and November. Also, moving during the start of the school term can be unsettling for children. On the brighter side, there’s the joy of experiencing festivities like Halloween in a new home, fostering fresh traditions.

So, When’s the Best Season to Move House?

Many removal companies vouch that spring and autumn present the most favourable conditions. The weather is moderate, the market less frenzied, and there’s a chance to settle before peak seasons. However, moving during these seasons might disrupt children’s schooling, potentially necessitating mid-year school changes.

Expert Assistance, Whatever the Weather

Every season has its unique challenges. Preparation is crucial, accounting for personal circumstances and any potential seasonal hurdles. Thankfully, you needn’t tackle this alone. With Masons Moving group supporting you, the season becomes inconsequential – we’re equipped to manage any situation.

If you’re seeking a reliable removals service in Cardiff, Masons Moving Group boasts a team of seasoned professionals committed to ensuring your move is seamless, irrespective of the time of year. To learn more or receive a tailored removal estimate, contact our amicable team at 0800 141 3688 or shoot us an email at [email protected] for a no-obligation quote!