How to safely move house with your pet

Posted on: Thu Mar 14 by Masons

Moving with pets

Moving house is stressful by nature with all the coordinating and packing that’s involved. And if you have a pet, there’s always extra steps involved in the process to ensure they’re well taken care of and experience minimal stress. The good news is all it takes is a little forethought and planning to make the process as smooth as possible for this invaluable member of your family.

To help, we’ve put together a universal guide on how to move with pets. But remember, all animals are different and temperaments can vary, so keep note of this when plans are underway. 

Your pet en route

Undoubtedly, the most intense part of the process is deciding the best mode of transport to get your pet from your old home to your new one. Of course, if your new place is not too far away, you can always transport them safely in your car. Have fun with the experience as you both road trip to the new destination with your windows down and the breeze rolling in. However, don’t throw caution to the wind. Remember, they’re still relying on you for a safe journey no matter how short, so make sure you take all the necessary precautions. 

How to safely move house with your pe

They should always be transported in the passenger interior of the vehicle where there’s plenty of air circulation and moderate temperatures. Never transport them at the back of a moving van or an area with shifting objects and loud noises. 

If your new home brings with it a major relocation, requiring long hours on the road or air travel, it’s highly recommended to call on expert pet relocation services. They will handle the logistics of transporting animals safely and conveniently by air, road, or more rarely, sea. 

Some reputable pet relocation providers in the UK include: 

Moving day begins 

The key to a successful house move for both you and your furry or not so furry friend is to keep them away from the chaos of moving day. As the home disappears into boxes and strangers come in and out the house, your pet will likely feel nervous and stressed. To avoid these negative emotions, it’s best to keep them away from the commotion by confining them to an empty, single room when the moving day is in session. Plus, this prevents them from escaping the front door in panic. 

Masons Removals

If you’re getting an expert removal company to help with your move, like Masons Removals, don’t forget to let them know where your pet is located in the home so they can avoid entering the room and startling them. And if your pet’s belongings consist of any special equipment, materials or requires special skills to pack, it’s helpful to let us know. It will allow us to find out if we can pack and transport these safely or find any alternative recommendations. 

Compassion goes a long way

When moving day is finally over, and all the members of the home are under the new roof, your beloved pet may take some time to feel safe and adjust to the new environment. That’s why we advise first setting up an isolated area for them away from the commotion of unpacking. 

Also make sure to implement a more regular routine to help them adjust quicker, like going back to normal times for eating, playing, sleeping and exercise. 

The key is to be patient and compassionate if they’re taking a while to ease into the new environment. But rest assured that with time, they will grow to love your home as much as you do!

How to safely move house with your pe

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Posted on: 14th Mar 2024