Masons Removals Operations Director, Richard Mason, brings heart to every move

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Masons Removals Operations Director

Uncovering the secrets of steering Wales’ leading moving company

Meet Richard Mason, our awesome Operations Director and an indispensable force at Masons Moving Group (previously named Masons Removals). His journey with us spans nearly four incredible decades. Beyond being a seasoned expert in home and business removals, Richard is the embodiment of family values. A loving husband, a dedicated father, and a doting grandfather of four! In our “Inside A Family Business” series, we’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes adventure on what it takes to steer Wales’ leading moving companies, uncovering the secrets of being a Masons Removals Operations Director. But that’s not all—get ready for a dose of the personal side of Richard, the man who brings not just expertise but heart to every move.

It all starts with planning

If Richard’s main role could be summed up in one word, it’d be planning! Here’s a glimpse into his world in his own words:

“I wear many hats, but at the core, my role revolves around planning, especially within our UK branches and commercial removals. Each day kicks off with me charting out plans for our vehicles, making sure our team is well-prepared for their daily tasks, and hitting the road on time.

“Looking beyond the horizon is key. I don’t just plan for the day ahead; I’m orchestrating the moves for the entire week.

“So, if you ever wonder how the moving magic happens at Masons Moving Group, it starts with a well-thought-out plan!”

More than Masons Removals Operations Director

Richard explains that he’s involved in so many other key roles, such as promptly replying to customers’ enquiries and maintaining a proactive communication channel. 

“Crafting detailed quotes is a significant part of my day-to-day tasks, and I dedicate ample time to ensure they’re comprehensive and tailored to our customers’ needs.”

Support through your office or house moving journey

This energetic grandad of four thrives on ensuring our drivers know their destination and arrive on time. Here’s his take on the dynamic aspects of his role:

“One of the things I love about my job is the daily challenge, orchestrating vehicle routes and making sure our drivers know where they’re going and, most importantly, getting them there on schedule. 

“Another aspect that fuels my passion is the communication and customer service side of things. I spend a considerable amount of time talking to the public, addressing enquiries, and ensuring our customers are well informed and supported throughout their office or house moving journey. It’s not just about the logistics; it’s about creating a positive and reassuring experience for each person we serve.

“In the end, it’s the combination of these duties that keeps me on my toes and adds that extra spark to my role. Every day brings something new, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Career highlight: Collaborating with Wales’ biggest Covid hospital

In 2020, amid the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Richard’s role at Masons Removals took a profound turn. A standout moment in his career unfolded during the height of the crisis:

“During this time, we collaborated closely with the National Health Service (NHS). I spearheaded the coordination of moving equipment and furniture to the temporary Dragon’s Heart Hospital, based at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

“Opening its doors on April 13, 2020, the hospital played an imperative role in providing care for pandemic patients in Wales. Not only was it the first Covid hospital in Wales, but it also stood as the largest in the country, with the capacity to accommodate up to 2000 beds.

“Being at the forefront of this as Masons Removals Operations Director was an absolute honour for me and our moving company. It was a time when our services went beyond moving homes and businesses; we played a vital role in supporting those in need during a devastating chapter in our history.”

Life-altering loss

During his formative years, Richard had aspirations to train as a mechanic, but life had a different plan. At the age of 15, a pivotal moment altered the course of his path – the passing of his father, Eric Mason This significant loss became a catalyst, propelling him to join his brothers in the family removals company. Now, after 39 years, the rest is history. Richard’s journey, shaped by personal loss and determination, has become an integral part of the history and success of Masons Moving Group. 

A bond beyond business

Richard began his journey at our moving company as a porter on the vans. It was during this time that long-standing staff members became a guiding force, imparting the knowledge that shaped Richard’s career. Reflecting on this mentorship, Richard expresses:

What sets our family business apart is that our team is an extension of our family, with or without the Masons name. The bond goes beyond business; it’s a shared journey of growth and camaraderie that makes us who we are.”

A string of qualifications leads to Directorship

Richard’s journey within Masons Moving Group evolved over the years. After spending 12 years working on the vans, he embarked on a new chapter by pursuing Surveying at the British Association of Removers (BAR) Headquarters in London. There, he earned his surveyors’ qualifications, dedicating around five years to the field.

Expanding his skill set, Richard pursued additional training, obtaining his Certificate of Professional Competence. This marked a pivotal shift in his role as he transitioned into the office, taking on the position of Transport Manager.

During this chapter, Richard not only assumed more responsibility in the day-to-day operations of Masons Removals in Cardiff & beyond but also played a vital role in moulding the future of our home and business removals services. As a testament to his leadership, he reached a Directorship in the company, solidifying his position as a driving force in the success and continuity of Masons Moving Group.

Insights from 4 decades of experience

With a wealth of experience in the moving house and office industry, Richard provides some expert insights on the significant transformations he witnessed over the years. 

“The biggest shift is the notable increase in the amount of belongings people own. The surge in furniture and possessions reflects a broader societal trend where individuals accumulate more stuff.

“Moreover, the rise of ‘man and van’ services has introduced a new dynamic to the industry. This shift, while offering convenience, sometimes leads to misconceptions about the complexities involved in a professional removal service.”

Richard notes that the expert training his team has undergone sets them apart, emphasising the dedication to a high standard of professionalism.

“Despite changing expectations, Masons Moving Group continues to shine. Customers consistently express their admiration for the outstanding team and their professionalism, showcasing our team’s ability to adapt and exceed expectations in an evolving industry landscape.”

Beyond home moves: First spot in high-level table tennis

Even with the demands of overseeing Masons Removals in Cardiff and beyond, Richard ensures he stays active and engaged in his spare time. A fan of the outdoors, he enjoys a round of golf and strives to hit the gym at least three times a week.

However, Richard’s passion for sports goes beyond the traditional. A competitive spirit comes to life on the table tennis circuit, where he plays at a high level in the Cardiff League. Notably, he represents the A team in the Vale Academy, currently holding the top spot in the league!

Grandad Bampie 

Discovering table tennis seems to have injected a sense of youthfulness into Richard’s life. However, his ultimate passion lies with his family. Richard and his wife, Michelle, not only cherish their roles as grandparents but also played a unique and hands-on part in the arrival of their youngest granddaughter, baby Bella.

In the family circle and as a grandad, Richard is affectionately known as Bampie to Bella (5), Emilie (16), Chelsie (8), and Joseph (3), born to son Danny and daughter-in-law Sam. 

Richard Mason
Richard Mason

Grandkids accomplishing great things

The calendar for Richard is peppered with birthday celebrations for his grandkids, and the latest festivity marked the birthday of the lively Bella on January 27. Turning 5, she has left quite an impression, as Richard lovingly describes:

“She is a bloody character! Bella’s energy and spirit shine through, especially when she’s on the football field every Monday. Surprisingly good for her age, she thoroughly enjoys it, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her numerous times. Additionally, she dives into the world of swimming every Tuesday. It’s always a delight when I hear about her adventures, like putting her head underwater (though that’s still a bit uncertain for her at the moment). Being a part of her growing journey is truly special.”

Richard’s face lights up as he warmly shares updates on all his grandchildren.

“Emilie, the eldest, is on the brink of an exciting adventure as she gears up to join the Army. After passing all the required tests, she’s set to embark on a three-month training stint at Catterick starting March next year.”

“Chelsea, the typical young girl and little darling in the family, has a penchant for makeup and connecting with friends on her iPad. When she visits Richard’s house, she’s often found engrossed in conversations with her friends, a familiar scene for many parents and grandparents in the digital age.

“Then there’s Joseph, WOW! Approaching 3, and he’s a typical little boy, in so many words, a handful but a little sweetheart. I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to grow up to be a rugby player or a UFC fighter – nobody knows at the moment!”

Big celebrations ahead

Richard goes on to reveal a big milestone on the horizon that promises to be a highlight in the Masons’ family story. 

“On August 24, we’re gearing up for a wild, wild wedding as Danny and Sam take the plunge into matrimony. With the grandkids adding their special touch, it’s bound to be a day filled with love, laughter, and a few surprises. Little did I realise how much it’s going to cost, but it’s shaping up to be a truly special and eventful day as we welcome Sam officially into the family.”

Stay tuned for our next instalment in the ‘Inside a Family Business!

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