Masons Removals: Inside a Family Business – Meet our Removals & Storage administrator – Diane

Posted on: Wed Mar 10 by Masons

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Welcome to another instalment of our ‘Inside a Family Business’ series where we are celebrating the hidden gems of our operations team! We want to celebrate those that keep the cogs turning behind the scenes. Often the unsung heroes of the removals industry, we’re looking to give their hard work and dedication the recognition it deserves!

As a family business, with over 115 years of experience in the removals & storage industry, we know that it’s because of our team and their passion, that Moving Day goes smoothly for our customers, whether they’re moving to Cowbridge or California.

Meet Diane our Removals and Storage Administrator:


Working at Masons is like working for family, it’s so nice to come in every day and see everyone in such a lovely environment. I really enjoy speaking to our customers about their removals and giving the service a personal touch, finding out where they’re moving to and seeing if I can personalise their experience in some way.

Working as the administrator in storage and removals means that no two days are ever really the same but typically, I check our emails every day, looking for new enquiries, any surveyor cancellations or urgent requests and basically mapping out our days. I spend most mornings creating surveyors’ quotes, before then spending the afternoons working on instruction sheets for the next day. Plus, there’s always invoicing (for both customers and corporate), responding to emails and calls, booking surveys and sending out postcards to ensure our customers had a good moving experience to do every day. I also manage our reviews; I really want to make sure our customers had a great experience with us.

If I wasn’t working at Masons, I think I would have sought a career in the NHS, which is where I started out, working as a junior secretary when I was 16 and left as a PA to Head of Children’s Nursing in 2004. At Masons Removals Cardiff, we’re a really close-knit team and we know each other so well but in the NHS, there might be a bit more scope for succession as the teams would be a bit bigger.

My favourite days are when our little mascot, Wilson, comes into the office! Wilson is Brett & Sam’s Jug (he’s half Jack Russell and half Pug) and he’s been coming into the office since he was a tiny puppy, he’s now five! He loves to sit on my lap, especially when I have the heater on my feet! When I was 25, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which has earned me the nickname of Ice Maiden of the Office as I feel the cold! It takes a lot to manage working full time and my condition, but it’s been 23 years now.

I am from Blackpool originally, but I moved to Wales in 1984, moving to Ely before moving to Barry in 2004. I live with my partner in Barry and I have a daughter, Bethany (22), who is studying Law at the University of South Wales, as well as two stepdaughters, Elin (18) and Caitlyn (22). We also have a lovely beagle called Marley!


If you’re looking for a Cardiff removals company, for home or office moves in Cardiff or around Wales or even further afield, here at Masons Removals Cardiff, we have a team of expert movers that can help! With over 115 years of experience, we understand what it takes to remove the stress out of moving home.
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Posted on: 10th Mar 2021