Moving with Children? Here’s How to Make it Stress-Free!

Posted on: Mon Sep 4 by Oncree Digital

Moving with Children

Moving with children can indeed be daunting, but it takes on a whole new dimension when you’re doing it with kids. Recent studies reveal that for parents, orchestrating a house move tops the charts as a major stressor. A whopping 87% of parents admit to feeling overwhelmed during this process, and 20% highlight the challenge of ensuring their kids are engaged and entertained.

At Masons Removals Cardiff, our rich legacy spanning over a century stands testament to our expertise. We’ve successfully managed countless moves within Cardiff, across Wales and overseas. Based on our customer feedback and our expert team, here are some invaluable tips for moving with children, ensuring it’s smooth and enjoyable for everyone:

Include Your Kids in the Process

Almost everyone agreed on this point. Inform your kids about the move well in advance, allowing them time to process but ensuring they don’t become anxious. If you’re moving with children to an entirely different postal code, it’s a good idea to familiarise them with the new area. And don’t forget, moving is a golden opportunity to declutter. Engage them in packing up their belongings, filtering out items to donate or discard.

Empower Them with Choices

Depending on their age, let your children have a say in things like room colours, furnishings, and decor. This can make them look forward to their new home. You can also provide them with a special bag or a decorated box to pack their treasured possessions. This can be a fun activity and ensures they have familiar items around them during the move and immediately after.

Plan Around School Schedules

If feasible, schedule your move during holidays. Switching schools mid-term can be tough on kids, with established cliques making it harder for newcomers. Moving during holidays can ensure a smoother academic transition.

Retain Familiar Routines

Keeping your usual activities, like specific meals or family game nights, can offer a sense of normalcy amid the chaos of a home move.

Make Moving Day with Children an Adventure

Spare boxes can be a source of fun. Allow the kids to craft them into playthings or to decorate them for easy identification. Equip them with their favourite toys or travel games for long journeys, to keep them distracted and cheerful.

Stay Positive and Calm

Kids are perceptive. If they sense your anxiety, they might mirror those feelings. By remaining optimistic and upbeat about the move, you reassure them that it’s a positive change.

If you’re contemplating a move within Cardiff, around Wales or across the UK, and need a trustworthy partner, Masons Moving Group is at your service! Originating as a humble horse-and-cart venture in 1914, and with four generations working in the business, our family-driven ethos means we understand the nuances of moving, especially with kids.

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