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Posted on: Tue Jun 27 by Oncree Digital

Office move checklist

If you’re getting ready for an office move, we know how stressed you must be feeling. Wrapping your head around the logistics of it all can lead to many sleepless nights. But look on the bright side, you’re likely embarking on a new chapter because your team is growing or you finally have the financial freedom to move to a strategic location and take your business to new heights! Whatever your reasons, Masons Moving Group is here to take the load off with our insider hacks on how to manage an office move. We’ve been moving people and businesses for over 115 years, so you can rest assured we know what we’re talking about. 

A move smooth as butter 

The biggest tool you need to make the process as smooth as possible is an office move checklist. Yes, you read right. It’s as simple as that. An office move checklist is the central hub for all your move-related tasks, guiding you on what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who should be involved. You can even expand it to include packing material needed, handy reminders, and any extras that need to be taken into consideration.

Moving office: When to start

Planning your office relocation should ideally start around 3-6 months ahead of the big moving day. There’s so much to tackle within this time frame, from budgeting and research to delegating tasks and working out logistical arrangements.

From blank canvas to a checklist that gets you moving

Your office move checklist will help you get everything in order. But, if you’re staring at a blank page, not knowing where to get started or what to include, we’re here to help. Below are the most essential tasks it needs to cover. Let’s get started. 

  1. The basics: It all begins here

Every checklist needs to get the basics right. Although this may seem obvious at first, forgetting to implement any of these will send your whole move into chaos. 

  • Communication

When creating your checklist for moving offices, start off by figuring out who you need to keep in the loop. The main people you’ll want to inform are:

  • Your team 
  • Your landlord 
  • Clients/customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Your office relocation team

Next, it’s time to put together your dream team to take charge of the move and a manager to lead. If they’re organised, enjoy planning, and getting things done, they’re the right people for the job. 

  • Assemble your office relocation team 
  • Appoint a manager to delegate, budget, plan, & handle any office move queries 
  1. Beyond the basics: Getting to know your new office 

Now that your basics are sorted, it’s time to get into your office floor plan, stock and asset audit, and new address updates. 

  • Office floor plan

How does the floor plan accommodate your workspaces? Is there enough space for all your furniture, equipment, and IT infrastructure? To help you answer these questions and finalise your floor plan, these are the tasks you need to get done:

  • Visit your new office & plan the layout according to floor space, dimensions, desk blocks & designs
  • Take note of meeting room & communal spaces
  • Take note of the possible upgrades needed to IT infrastructure, fixtures, & workstations
  • Take note of your internet connection requirements & discuss this with your internet service provider
  • Take note of your telephone system & cabling needs & inform your telecoms provider
  • Determine if the current security measures are adequate or need upgrading
  • Finalise your floor plan
  • Complete asset & inventory check

Do you need new furniture, inventory, equipment, IT systems, & stationery? Or will your current ones suffice? 

  • Run an audit on all your office furniture & determine if you need new pieces
  • Conduct a stock check & decide what you’re keeping 
  • Run an audit on all your existing equipment & IT systems & determine if they need to be updated
  • Take note of all your stationery & stock up where necessary
  • New address update

Make sure to update your new business address in the following places:

  • Branding material
  • Social media & online accounts
  • Delivery subscriptions
  • Staff email signatures 

You also need to communicate your change of address with the following parties:

  • Clients/customers
  • Partners
  • Industry bodies
  • Media publications (if you are a member or subscriber)
  • Internet service provider
  • Telecoms provider
  • Your legal team to update contracts
  1. Budgeting: Checking on costs

Next up on your checklist is to unpack all the costs related to your office move. To determine these, you may need to conduct research, get quotes, decide if certain services & upgrades fit into your budget, and check the availability of your preferred service providers. 

The most obvious costs you need to budget for are:

  • Office removals services
  • Office relocation insurance
  • Packing materials
  • Rent & security deposit
  • Business insurance
  • Security services 
  • Solicitor’s fees
  • Real estate agent fees
  • Admin fees
  • New furniture
  • New office equipment 
  • New IT infrastructure 
  • Interior design costs
  • Regular cleaning services for the new office
  • Once off cleaning for the old office
  • Possible damages to the old office 
  • Self storage for any excess equipment, stock, etc.
  • Post redirection 
  1. Logistics: The move is near

Once you know what needs to be done, the costs involved, and you’ve confirmed your service providers, it’s time to move onto the logistics of it all. This is where your office relocation team can shine. 

  • Begin coordinating the move with your IT team
  • Provide necessary external temporary storage
  • Get all your furniture, equipment, & telecoms hardware ready for transit
  • Touch base with your internet, telecoms, and other essential service providers
  • Secure loading bays or dedicated parking for moving day
  • Finalise paperwork for your new office lease
  • Finalise paperwork for service providers
  • Order packing supplies for the big move

Masons Moving Group makes moving office easy

Yes, there’s a lot and each task has its own set of sub-tasks that’s unique to your business. But did you know that Masons Moving Group can cut these tasks in half by handling your entire office move, from start to finish? We coordinate and facilitate your entire move, and go a step further by offering expert packing services.

What’s more, if you have any surplus office furniture, equipment, or general office knick-knacks, we can arrange a storage unit for you with our sister company, Masons Self Storage, on a long or short-term basis. 

You can also find packing materials on the Masons Self Storage website. We provide bubble wrap, moving boxes, foam pellets, dust sheets, and so much more. 

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