Don’t let a rainy moving day dampen your mood; these top 5 tips and tricks will get you going

Posted on: Thu Jun 2 by Masons

Moving during rain

A heavy downpour when you’re moving to a new home or office can spell disaster, and no matter how much you prepare, sometimes the unexpected strikes. But don’t let it get you down because heavy rainfall doesn’t mean a washout. Read on to find out how to turn a rainy day into a successful move. 

1. Rubber soles keep you grounded

The biggest risk of moving on a rainy, wet day is the likely possibility of slipping while carrying big cumbersome boxes to your moving vehicle. To prevent this uncomfortable and sometimes painful scenario that can cause injury as well as damage your valuables, make sure you and those helping wear the right shoes. Opt for hiking shoes or trainers, as these have rubber soles to help keep you firmly on the ground. The bonus is they’re super comfortable too!

2. At-risk spots need non-slip mats

You really don’t want to end up on the floor, injured during this busy time. So another layer of protection to avoid slipping is to place a non-slip absorbent mat over at-risk spots like entryways. If you don’t have this, sturdy cardboard will do the job. These are essential, especially when you’re loading heavy pieces of furniture and appliances.

3. Minimise the mess

The reality is moving when it’s raining means you’re bringing loads of water into both your old and new house or office while you load and unload your belongings. This will inevitably leave your floor wet and muddy, making cleaning up a nightmare in both places. To minimise the mess, move all your belongings into one big room, like the lounge or garage, before you start loading up. In this way, you won’t be spreading mud throughout, and you only have to clean up one area. When you’re loading and unloading, make sure the moving vehicle is parked close to the building to keep your belongings as dry as possible. Avoid soggy, grassy areas, as your vehicle’s tyres may get stuck in the mud, completely halting the process. 

Check out Masons Packaging Supplies online store for tools and materials to keep your belongings dry even on the wettest days, like shrink wrap and covers for your sofas. The best part is these can be used as protective coverings for items you’re storing away after your move.

4. Packing paper protects

Heavy-duty packing paper is helpful for any move, but on rainy days it becomes essential. Make sure you have plenty of these on hand to protect your belongings like equipment, clothes, books and other household items while in transit and even in storage. Wrap your items up and place them in moving boxes for extra protection. Another option is bin bags – but this is not recommended for equipment and appliances as they can easily tear. Instead, you can use bin bags for plastic and other inexpensive, durable items. 

5. Unpack quickly and toss wet boxes

When you move into your new place, ensure you quickly unpack, especially if the boxes are soaked in water. Throw or recycle these boxes as soon as possible, as they will develop mould or mildew in no time. If you have strong moving boxes, these will hold up best in rainy conditions and are less likely to get soggy – so you can reuse them again. 

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Posted on: 02nd Jun 2022